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What are the core principles and beliefs about teaching and learning mathematics that will drive our collaboration?

All students can learn

Every student is capable of learning mathematics at a high level, and the teacher is the critical factor for student success.

problem solving

Persistent, passionate, and playful problem solving is at the core of mathematics at all levels.

conceptual understanding

Mathematics learning should focus on developing deep understanding of concepts and the connections between them.

instructional design

Lessons and tasks should be carefully designed so that all students can access and learn at high levels.

assessment for learning

Students of all ages should be active agents in their own learning by engaging in reflection and self-assessment.

learning together

Students should have frequent opportunities to collaborate with peers about their mathematics learning.

math mindsets

Schools must foster positive messages about learning mathematics and embrace a growth mindset.

student ownership

Students should be actively engaged in the act of doing mathematics, and not just listening to or watching a teacher.

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