Whether you are just starting your journey, or you are ready for next steps, we have programs to meet your needs.


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I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

We provide training and partnership on a variety of topics within the teaching and learning of mathematics.  We will meet with you before our work together in order to custom-design training to meet your program needs.  

Topics and workshops might include:

Entering the Territory:

Math Tasks, Mindset, and Active Learning

A foundational workshop that provides opportunities for teachers of all grade levels to explore effective instructional practices in mathematics.  By examining beliefs about the teaching and learning of mathematics, participants will begin to identify the shifts necessary to ensure learning for all students in mathematics at a high level.  Participants will explore how mindsets can impact student learning, and they will learn how to find, design, and transform mathematical tasks to engage all students in the practices of mathematics.

Deeper Dive:

Implementing Mathematics Teaching Practices

While improvements to content standards (e.g. Common Core, AERO)  are an essential change in mathematics teaching, more is needed to ensure high levels of mathematics learning for all students.  In response to this need, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics published Principles to Actions, which outlines the role of teachers, school leaders, coaches, and specialists play in creating success in mathematics for all students.  Participants will build capacity with each of the Mathematics Teaching Practices, and learn how to use these practices to strengthen the mathematics learning in their classrooms.  Participants will examine and align their beliefs around the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Unpacking the Common Core:

Connecting Math Practices and Math Content

The Common Core State Standards in Mathematics represent the continuation of a major shift in the teaching of mathematics in elementary, middle, and high school.  With the introduction of the Standards for Mathematical Practice (MP), an equal emphasis has been placed on the skills and expertise required for mathematical proficiency, along with developing a deep understanding of content.  Participants will work together to unpack the Content Standards across grades K-12 within each strand, and examine how the Standards progress from grade level to grade level.

Assessment and Grading in Mathematics:

Designing Assessment and Feedback to Improve Learning

Assessment and feedback are critical elements to effective mathematics teaching and learning.  Assessment serves multiple purposes in the math classroom: they are used to monitor student progress, to make instructional decisions, to evaluate student achievement, and to evaluate programs as a whole.  In this workshop, participants will learn how to design assessment systems that provide students and teachers with data they need to share feedback to improve student learning.  Participants will also learn essential practices in standards-based grading, and how these apply specifically to the mathematics classroom.

In addition to the core offerings above, we offer the following opportunities:

  • Partnering and Co-Planning: Working Together to Improve Lessons

  • Coaching Partnerships: Implementing Numeracy Coaching Cycles

  • Leadership in Mathematics Learning: Facilitating Transformational Change in Mathematics

  • Parent Education: Bringing All Stakeholders Together

  • Student Learning Support Teams: Developing Programs for all Learners

  • Tools & Technology: Integrating and Supporting Lesson Design

  • Curriculum Review & Adoption: Leading Teams Through the Active Research and Review Process

  • Labsites: Modeling and Co-Teaching